Upcoming Events

I’ll be reading from Birch Hills at World’s End and signing copies at the following events, consider checking one out if you’re in the area:

Oct 25 – Revolutions: Halloween Edition

The Hidden Shamrock – 2723 N. Halsted – 7 to 10 PM

Wear a costume! Have drink! Buy a book! Hug a young man dressed up as a sexy Pikachu! You can do all of this or none of it at Revolutions, it’s up to you.

I’ll be reading with the one-and-only TOM POPP (editor of F MAGAZINE), along with musical guest TREEHOUSE. KURT KENNEDY, JESSIE MORRISON, WILLIAM JAMES & NOELLE HUFNAGEL will take “The Gamble,”  drawing cards to determine what sort of story they must write, on demand, to read at the event’s end. (I’ve seen it done before, and it’s crazy.) Also, everyone’s name will be in capslock all night. There will be a costume contest, for real.

Nov 3 – An Evening with Authors Patty McNair, Sam Weller & Geoff Hyatt

The Book Cellar – 4736 N. Lincoln Ave – 7 PM

Writerly discussion in beautiful Lincoln Square at the cozy Book Cellar. You will find me pounding beers at Huettenbar for a few hours before. What could possibly go wrong? Show up and find out!

Nov 13 – Two With Water Reading Series (TWW RX)

Details to be Announced.

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