Birch Hills at World’s End

I couldn’t be happier to announce my new novel’s release through Vagabondage Press. Birch Hills at World’s End had a long journey from conception to publication, and I’m thrilled to share the final product with you. In this blog’s upcoming weeks, I will be discussing how I approached the writing and publication process—what worked for me, what challenges arose, and how I dealt with them.  I will be posting my cover letter, as well as my synopsis and outline. I’ll also share some freakish stories and anecdotes related to the novel’s creation. Upcoming readings and other promotions will be covered here as well.

Thanking everyone who helped this book come into being would take many, many pages, but there are a few I would be remiss not to mention. So, thanks to my parents for instilling in me a love of books, supporting my creative impulses, and believing in the value of what I chose to do with my life. I love you. To Arnold Johnson at Western Michigan University, who so actively encouraged my return to writing years ago. To all at Columbia College Chicago who taught me to trust my voice, including but not limited to Patricia Ann McNair, who worked with me on this manuscript; Devon Polderman, who helped me find the story and got me to just effing relax and write; Don De Grazia, who provided both endorsement and inspiration; to Eric May, Betty Shiflett, and Randall Albers. To the Reading Under the Influence crew—only y’all could lure me to read onstage for the first time. To John McNally, for being one of my favorite writers, a brilliant teacher, and a good friend. To everyone who read the manuscript (when they didn’t have to) and gave me pointers: David Peak, Jessi Lee Gaylord, Brenda Reeves, Reina Hardy, Jamison Spencer, and Dan Prazer. To all the people in Chicago I count among my friends—I know it isn’t always easy. To my friends from Michigan, I miss you so much—this book is where we are from, or at least some version of it.  To the wonderful people at Vagabondage Press, for believing in Birch Hills at World’s End and working so hard to bring it into print. To anyone I overlooked, please forgive me.

Birch Hills at World’s End is available in print and eBook through Vagabondage Press, IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other places. Check back here, more posts are coming soon. You can also follow news related to the novel on Facebook. Cheers!

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